What is the difference between friendship and romantic relationship?

My boyfriend break up with me and want us to be just friends. I told him it will hurt me to be friends because I have feelings for him and will want more than friendship. Things are awkward between us. Although he break up, we still do things like when we were together. He still comes over, stays late, eat ,sleep. We still tell each other each secrets, every time something happen in either one of us lives we call each other, we still have each other backs. We talks hours in the night. When he came over we still tease each other. Sometimes we have sex. We do everything we used to do except going out. What will you call a relationship like this? Its confusing, what is the difference between friendship and romantic relationship when we act the same way towards each other? I ask him to explain the difference between the two and he can't give me an answer.


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  • no you should put a stop to this completely otherwise he's stringing you along. He get all the good elements of being with you and he's taking advantage of how you feel about him. He's using you from the sound of the info you gave. I would cut him off and deal with being "friends" in a way that was productive and healthy for me, not for him. I am my priority not some jerk who dumps me and still wants to do all the things we did but not commit to an adult realtionship - he can't handle that it's his problem.

    Get out with some friends and meet new men, personally I would not humour this boy who wants it all his way it is not doing you any good.

    • its bothering him now, he understand the implication of what he used to do. right now he don't know what to do. And is asking me what to do? we had a big argument I told him relationship or no friendship which means nothing cause I can't be friends it will hurt too much especially when he meet someone else. he choose friendship I told him that's it. the next day he call me said we need to talk. come over by me saying he can't stop talking to me and trying to get on my good side.

  • It's because he wants the best of both worlds. He wants to get everything he can get out of you while being free and open to meet and do whatever with whoever else he wants to.

    What is it called? "Using my ex because I know she still loves me but now I can get laid since I'm not committed to her anymore"

    If you ever want to feel better you should break it off.

    • before I looked at your answer I thought the same thing you said. Well said!

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    • he admit he was having sex with me because sometimes when we talk I will tell him I feel horny and things like that, so that is why he having sex with me because I said indirectly I need sex. so he ain't feeling nothing like a male gigolo, I was so piss. I told him let us live our separate lives, cause we responsible for our own destiny. we broke up but conversation is like the same when we were together we still talk personal things. we don't know how to be friends and don't cross the line.

    • So he is trying to come off as heroic for satisfying your sexual needs . How f***ing classy. He's a real moron.

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