Money and Relationships

Guys if you break up with your girlfriend and she was basically helping you out practically every month, will you still asks her to help you? Will you still turn up at her door when you need financial help and can't get it from no one else. Although the lady give you a choice, relationship or no friendship. And you choose friendship knowing that there will be no contact between the two of you yet you saying, you can't stop talk to me and yet still want to be friends and not relationship. She tells you it hurts because when you eventually move on she will be the one hurting when you get a girlfriend and you really can't be friends with her as much as before. How do you view this. She is the only that helps you financially and buys grocery sometimes for you and your family to get by. Yet you still want to be friends.


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  • Money is one of the biggest problems in relationship.

    By helping him out financially, you are preventing him from trying harder to become independent. In fact, you should not be helping out even your boyfriend financially.

  • It's simple, he's just not attracted to you that way anymore. I know it hurts but you gotta move on if he doesn't wanna be in a relatioship with you. Not saying you can't be friends but it's gonna hurt you.


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