My ex says that he really needs to see me, should I let my guard down?

My ex and I ended on bad terms. He ended up breaking my heart after telling me that he's lost the feeling of love for me because he has eyes for another woman. A month later, he texts me. He says he just wants to see what's up...I told him I was OK, doing great and he told me bad news about his car breaking down and being busy.

As he texted, he kept saying sorry about everything and kept asking me what I was doing...Then he finally admits that he misses me a lot and has been having dreams about me and looking through photos with me and now he wants to see me. No he INSISTED on seeing me. He wants to "talk" and take me out to dinner and pick me up. He kept referring to me as "mi amor".

Although he really broke my heart, I was happy to hear from him. I'm afraid of him saying mean worse things to me after already admitting he's lost feelings for me...Should I go out with him? Or cancel? We're supposed to meet up after work this Saturday.


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  • i would NOT go out to dinner with him...

    maybe lunch, or a coffee place...something short, you don't want your heart broken again so keep your guard up...

    people can change, he may realize he made a HUGE mistake...give him a second chance if you want, I'm a believer in giving people second chances...

    but remember his words are his foundations to his actions...just make sure his actions back up his words...its so easy to say things like I miss you and you're the one for me...but really he needs to prove it, if that's what you want...just expect him to hurt you again until he proves he will not...that way you won't be as hurt...but remember to also keep your options open because you aren't dating and someone better may come along..

    its all up to you, but I'd keep it short when you meet him...also remember its easy to feel good again early on, just give it time, because with time you'll see if you fall into the slump you were once in again...but really just prepared to be hurt again, that way if he does hurt you, you were expecting it and it won't be as painful...but hey maybe he has changed, like I said its up to you to give him another "chance" or whatever

    good luck, keep your guard up


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  • Sure, try going out with him, but keep that gard up. Most people don't change, and slowly if at all, so don't trutst him, don't have a second date, be prepeared to tell him this is a one-time update meetng and there won't be another one for at least a few weeks..

  • All that's happened is that he now thinks you are his best prospect at sex.

    In his mind, he is more likely to get you into bed, than a random stranger on the street. So he is pursuing what he thinks of as his best option.

    Sorry to have to break it to you.

    • I agree, I tried being nice to my sex...and when I finally got what he wanted I started hating him alot...i can't even hear his name little less see him!

    • This doesn't apply to every guy of ex probably has plenty girls throwing themselves @ him I don't see why he would have a hard time...I'm not going to take my chances but me knowing him for quite awhile, its a little more than sex

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  • Don't be naive, what comes with an apology from men comes lies. I had the same experience and then got made a fool of. His loss move on. you going back to him is telling him that "its OK to cheat..' please be strong


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