I think my ex still likes me but I don't see him that way...

so I'm in my 2nd year of college and I went out with this guy david in 9th grade. we went out for 3 months. I ended up breaking up with him cause he kinda ended up being sort of rude and careless sometimes. I thought 'might as well end it before it gets worse.'

in high school, his friends would talk sh*t about me, (for no reason) I think he participated in it also when I wasn't around.

now in college, we made up I guess. we're cool now even though it is awkward.

but his best friend, who's cool with me also, had been there through our little relationship. the friend came up to me one day and said 'would you go out with david again?' I said no and he got all mad and said 'but he's your ex'

:/ ?

i didn't wanna jump to conclusions but that's what it seems to be in my opinion lol


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  • Yeah He might ..Tell him that you have moved on & you don't see him that way anymore just be honest about It if he asked you again. And ask him why did he ask you that or why does he keep asking u!

    • thanks hun :) I don't wanna be put through a guilt -trip to go out with him again ugh

      and no offense but he's not amazingly attractive, girls in high school used to reject him for being 'ugly.' (I liked his swagger though lol) so part of me feels like he's coming back cause I actually gave him a chance you know?

    • OMG the same thing happened with me & he Is not attractive at all & when I used to tell girls that this my Boyfriend they go like " O_O omg girl wtf ?..." they thought I was crazy ...few month later I broke up with him I didn't love anyway & he had nothing that I wanted not even the personality :S I'm glad I'm over with him although he still text me wanting me to get back & Its been 2 years since I broke up with him but I just can NOT get back to him UGH.

      So I FEEL YA ... Good luck :))

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