Has anyone ever been REALLY happy after a break up?

I just broke up with my boyfriend today. Actually he called and wanted to break up. He was a total slob who wanted to play video games all day, not work, not go to school, eat up all my households food (and I live with my mom while I'm in college) and then on top of it he had a bunch of mental disorders. So he calls today and is like I think we should be friends and I'm like "great! I totally agree!" and he kind of stops mid prethought speech and is like yeah...I go on about how we were not long term compatible and he agrees and I'm like okay bye pretty much.

My day has been going so great! I haven't wanted to listen to music like I did before and I rocked out in my car. MY ex who I still actually had feelings for called me up two minutes after I posted about the break up then later told me he was having sex dreams about me lol.

But overall I just feel like I've had such a burden lifted from me. He would always make his problems mine and it seemed like he just didn't like for me to be happy if he couldn't be happy, which was never unless every single thing went right.

Anyone else have a story about an AWESOME break up? This is my first one. I almost got out of my car and went YAY! when I hung up, funny enough when he called I was like OHHH MY GOD, him again. XD

Just to note, I didn't break up before because I was kind of scared to. He would talk about killing himself and then one day he "jokingly" said he'd throw a brick through my window if I dumped him, even nicely...so GOD, I'm happy.


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  • YES!

    I left my ex months ago and I have been much happier ever since! He was very controlling, possessive, manipulative and whatnot. I used to cry for months without even knowing why. I was in denial. It was so hard to leave but I did it!

    I feel free, sane and happy :)


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  • good for you. sounds like that shoulda been a long time coming though.

    • Man, we've only been dating a little over a month and I am SOOOO not into him. He's not on my level, my fam didn't like him because they thought I could do way better and yeah, obviously they're right. That dude needs to work on him, a lot.

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    • exactly..

      you deserve a guy who has his stuff together, or is at least working very hard to get it together. Regardless, enjoy being single for the time being, best of luck for next time, and glad to see you're taking life seriously and being good about self-improvement. I could use some of that motivation!

    • Thank you very much, and hey, I could give it!

  • Yes, many really young people are happy to get their freedom back. Often they hook up with someone they don't even know, and guess what happens: stories like yours.

    • What in the hell are you talking about?

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    • Nevermind, I read that entirely differently. I thought the first sentence was referring to this breakup and then you were alluding that I was going to go hook up with random strangers. Yeah, I was kinda pressured into this relationship. He asked me to be his girlfriend like two min into dating and I was just like..."uhhh okay". It's cook though, I now know that I would definitely rather be alone than keep dating losers. Someone good will come along eventually.

    • Good luck; take your time now!

  • I'm happier than I probably would have been otherwise :)


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  • Honey , I know it must have been very hard for you to

    leave. To actually stand up and do it. People like that manipulate you, just as they please. Or at least try.

    Good for you you're out of there! The way you feel only shows you did the right thing!

    I too had a freeing break up, one from a toxic relationship - the last one. And it's totally natural to feel that way.

    Wishing you to find someone who'll be compatible and caring, as you deserve.

    • Thanks so much, glad you got out of yours too!

    • No problem

      We just have to learn to recognize those people early on :O)

  • Girl, am proud of you! Awesome story and I wish you to meet a nice person to be with. I spent too much time with a loser, too, and I regret that time a lot...

    • I'm glad it wasn't that long, I'm sorry you wasted your time too.

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