I Want My Ex-Girlfriend Back. What Should I do?

I have known my ex for almost 10 years now, and pretty much spent everyday with each other for the 8 years or so. After about 4 years of dating, I broke up with her because we were constantly fighting because of bills and pretty much everyday stuff, a lot. I also felt that I wasn't getting any personal time to myself, and she would get upset if I did something that she was involved.

After our break up we still remained friends and seen each other on a regular bases and also text. We still had the physical side of the relationship because we still loved each other and the sex wasn't the issue. We have now been broken up for about 7 months and the whole time she has been asking about giving us another shot and stuff like that. So after thinking about the past and all the great times we have had, and how happy I actually was when I was with her, I finally came to my senses and realized that I made a horrible mistake and decided I want to give it another go.. Now that I do, she doesn't. She says that she isn't ready to date anyone and she's confused and just wants to be single for a while, possibly hit a club, Hang out with friends, enjoy life and not have no worries. She says since she left high school all she has done is dedicated her life to me, and she isn't ready to jump right back into it with me. So I kinda understand where she is coming from. She also has been hanging out with a guy from work, and has gone to the movies a few times with him, but she says they are just friends.I kinda believe her on that, I just think she trying to make me jealous a bit.. Now she is starting to act more distant with me. doesn't text me as much as she use to. Even when she is hanging out with me, she acts different, doesn't touch me as much. We still cuddle and I sleep over almost every weekend. We still kiss, and tell each other that we still love each other. Its kind of a bit messed up. Like I don't know If I should be concerned or if I'm just over thinking things.

Now I'm not a beater or a cheater, but I unfortunately have made some very unwise choices over the years that I am not too proud of. A lot of it consisted with lying. I am very ashamed and disgusted with myself, and I apologize all the time to her about the different bullsh*t that I have put her through. She never deserved it. Through thick and thin, she stuck with me. When It comes down to it, I probably don't deserve her.

She says still loves me very much, but she wants to make sure that I am in this for the long haul, and that I'm in it to win it. That I can be that amazing, honest guy she fell in love with. I just don't know if she acting like this to make me work for her attention. I mean I miss her so much, I miss her wanting and needing me and my attention. Any suggestions on what I can do to reverse this? I love her so much. I am seriously done with hurting her, and I want her to trust me again. What should I do?
I Want My Ex-Girlfriend Back. What Should I do?
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