Girlfriends best friend is her ex...where do I draw the line?

My boss hired a new employee. After becoming pretty good friends, I was introduced to his "sort of" ex girlfriend. When I was introduced, they were kinda in limbo, she was waiting for him to ask her to be his girlfriend. But he kept saying "when the time is right". Unfortunately for him, never did, and I came along and basically swept her off her feet. Once he realized that she was very interested in me, he decided the time was right to ask her...but it was too late.

Ever since, he absolutely HATES me...which is fine. But the worst part is that they are still really good friends, and they still communicate every day. He tries everything in his power to keep us apart. Yesterday, she moved all her stuff into my house. Today, she finally convinced him to move back to his hometown, cause its the best thing for him right now. Then she went to say her goodbyes and what not. When she got back, I asked her how everything went...and she says "Good. He is going to go home for a few days, then travel to Mexico. And he invited me to go."

She has been talking about going to Mexico for a few months now, and is REAL serious about it. I also know her ex knows this. I feel that this is his way getting us apart. It to "perfect" of timing...she literately just moved all her stuff in yesterday, then today, her ex invites her to travel with him...cause he knows she will. I'm not the one to tell her who she can and can't be friends with, but where do I draw the line? I have no problem with her traveling anywhere she wants, but when her ex invites her the day after she moves in with me, I can't help but think its a way to keep us apart. I feel like he thinks "as long as they aren't together, than I still have a chance." I mean where do I draw the line? Do I let her go off with her ex, do I have her choose between us two, do I break up with her til she figures out who is best for her, or do I break up with her for good, and let her see what she had...and lost?

Its really hard because I can't be friends with my girlfriends best friend (who will do just about anything to keep us apart).

Thanks for your help,

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Girlfriends best friend is her ex...where do I draw the line?
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