Will he realize he took me for granted?

My ex and I had been together for a year and 8 months. He always sounded so serious about me. Always daydreaming about a future together. Then we ended up going to different colleges. He cried as he left. He came home a month later, super happy to see me and everything like he'd hardly been living without me. Then just barely a month later he broke up with me saying he had a crush on another girl that he really only knew for like 2-3 weeks. When he came home for winter break he told me he was still attracted to me, he still thought about me, he missed me, told me I would always have a piece of his heaert and he kissed me. But he was infatuated with this new girl. Thought about her all day, dreamed about her, etc even if she was taken at the time and flirting with him while she had a boyfriend. He listened to nobody's advice. It hurts because I used to be that exact girl to him.

To him, I was the girl that all those love quotes are about. The one that understood him like nobody could, put herself out there to try his interests even if it wasn't something I would normally do, was there for him no matter what life gave him or what he gave me, gave 100% effort in the relationship and trying to solve things, got along well with his friends and family, etc. I accepted him completely.

Right now, I'm not talking to him. I haven't for nearly a month. We've been broken up now for 3 months. He sounded so confused with everything and I didn't want to have him playing with my feelings so I told him not to contact me until he figured things out with himself. He seems to think he'll be back in the summer. But I told him if he ever hit rock bottom to call me. He would never open up to anybody and nobody could cheer him up like I could.

Anyways, this new girl I have a feeling either doesn't like him like that or is sticking around because he's being desperate and waiting on her hand and foot. Will he be back like I heard a lot of guys eventually do?

I'm not waiting on him to decide, By the way. I'm fine single, I don't really have the opportunity to meet people until fall semester. I know there are other guys out there, but I would really prefer him. I know he has the potential to be the good guy for me. I really do.
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He also said "I know life is short, and I know she'll probably end up dumping me or something after a month, but I want to spend as much of my life with her as I can. I've never met a girl with so many aspects of my ideal girl." Pretty deep in there, right? He used to call me perfect up until we broke up too. My thought is if you keep looking for better you'll never ever have enough.
Will he realize he took me for granted?
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