Most women are nuts?

A lot of guys feel that women are just plain nuts. And I got to talking with a female friend of mine and she came off as kinda crazy.

There is a medical diagnosis that one form of insanity is caused by lack of sex. Tie into that with women having a difficult time climaxing. This is due to being self-conscious, social discouragement towards female masturbation, and the female mind.

So a woman who doesn't get an Orgasm may in fact be going insane. With a large amount of women who don't get regular orgasms, the overall group of women may appear nuts to those who experience orgasms regularly.

So how do men not go insane? They don't let small things nag them. They tune it out. This is actually a natural reaction because men are programmed this way. Thinking about things (not related to sex) during intercourse will prevent most guys from climaxing. Thus procreation is inhibited.

So a guy can watch TV and not have any other thoughts in his head, thus destressing. Also, when a guy climaxes, it is like sucking pure oxygen. It is euphoric and calms us down (usually) and sometimes puts us to sleep. Thus why it's easier to catch a guy cheating then a woman because we leave evidence in our euphoric state. Guys are more comfortable admitting to spanking it and it's more socially acceptable.

So which came first, the chicken or the egg? More like did lack of sex cause the woman to be nuts or was she nuts to begin with and didn't get sex. Contrary to what some believe, most guys will think twice about sleeping with a crazy chick. The media with Lorena Bobbitt has guys thinking twice. Yeah, it's not worth it.

So when women don't want sex after marriage they tend to get rather annoying as the guy puts up with his crazy wife.

Realize this is just a hypothesis and 'women' in this example does not mean all women but some if not a majority of women. Your intelligent thoughts are welcome.


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  • lol interesting to read, I can say lack of sex has not made me nuts. And I disagree with you when you say most guys will think twice about sleeping with a crazy chick. I don't think guys will think twice about sleeping with any chick-if it's there then they'll have it.


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  • Can I see the scientific evidence behind this medical diagnosis? :P

    I actually do think some girls are psycho, however. After my first ex broke up with me, some of the suggestions my female friends gave me on how to handle the situation were quite funny. Since then, I've been saying, "I would never date a chick. They go absolutely crazy when the relationship ends."

  • i'm gonna go ahead and not be passive about this and tell you that this is the most ridiculous thing I have eeevvver read. I am the LAST girl to go all "feminist" on anyone, but this is absurd and I've got to say something. guys think we're crazy because they don't understand us. and hey! guess what? we think you're crazy too (because we don't understand you). but that's only if you're going to use the word crazy, which you are, because frustration and a lack of understanding equates to insanity. point is, let's not use the word crazy so loosely..

    so, I just loooove how you've tried to PROVE that we're nuts with your little "research" and then the info you give about you males is like "it's okay because we're 'programmed' this way." it is entirely clear that you think most men aren't crazy, but most women are. Maybe you'll have better luck with men then?

    At least girls think about BOTH sides of the story and try to understand them, but whoa. way to be narrow minded!

    "rockmom" said it. it is not unclear why you are single.

    I sure hope you like passive females who don't mind your bullshit! they're usually not the sharpest or the best of companions, but big.

    and P.S. I haven't taken this post personally, that's not why I'm acting up. but really? are you REALLY that narrow minded? are you really that shallow and out of tune with other people's emotions?

    and P.P.S. I bet you think I'm crazy, huh? because having a strong opinion about something that disputes your own would be nuts!

    • Thank you for your post. I had fun reading it. lol

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    • OK I'm pretty sure you're not going to let your guard down but anyway I guess I consider my answer intelligent in COMPARISON to the girls who find men who treat women like this funny. can you see that? like..i really don't understand. am I supposed to be excited that you're a douche bag? and if this article is really not serious, then disregard my response and be a gentleman about it!

    • Good post. Not all guys are total morons like Kermit! A 'Real' man listens, and knows the girlfriend, friend, wife, companion, whatever!! It isn't that hard!! Listen, and pay attention!! Women focus on different things than guys, and that doesn't make them stupid, or shallow, just different! A REAL guy knows this, and learns to talk to them, and understand what is important to them. Idiots call them 'stupid'!! Sorry, ladies, some guy just are, and always will be, IDIOTS!! Why do you all like them so much?
      Some of us listen, and try to understand, but we are somehow just 'friends' as we aren't 'hot' enough, or like the assbags that so many seem to like!!
      What's the allure of the 'Bad Boy' that treats you like shit, leaving you crying, when he rides off on his Harley with a little tramp?
      Stereotypes go both ways. . .

  • "There is a medical diagnosis that one form of insanity is caused by lack of sex."

    I'm going to be honest, I didn't read much beyond that sentence.

    Is there a name for that disorder? Or some other evidence to support what you say? I find it really hard to believe that people are driven to insanity by a lack of sex. Frustration, maybe. Moodiness, fine. But insanity? Not if you're using a psychological definition rather than a figure of speech.

    • The medical field has illnesses for everything now. Fat people have some genetic illness which is probably a load of crap. Just because some doctor wants their name for some 'breakthru' doesn't mean it holds water.

    • By saying that, aren't you disproving your theory?

    • It is up for debate

  • the disclaimer at the end does nothing to discourage me to believe you are single for a good reason. first, who said men don't go insane? second, are you saying a woman has to masturbate to have an orgasm? based on the info you have given, I'm going to guess the women you are dealing with are sexually frustrated, not crazy.

    • I am single as my profile shows though for none of these reasons listed above. I didn't once say that men don't go insane. Women don't have to masturbate to have an orgasm but knowing what that person likes helps when she communicates with her partner. If I wanted to say that, I would have said it so please don't read into things. And the women I am referring to are friends and not intimate partners.

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    • Maybe I'm just sexually frustrated :p

    • Lol, she and you should get along just fine. the she from your other question, that is. =]

  • What a load of crock... I went without for 5 years, and I did not go insane over it, it was my choice. Women are emotional, and more in tune with this than men and it sometimes comes across a bit nutty, but instead of thinking of women this way, I think its time men took the time to listen and to understand, most of the time women get funny if they are not being heard... so guys pull your socks up and start listening and stop thinking she has pms or is full of it... LISTEN

    • Notice I didn't put that all women are like this.

    • Yes I did notice this... but you have to admit that there are no set rules for either sexes.

  • you're describing men not women.. most men these days are screwed up.. actually more than 90% are. women are messed up too but men are worse. men are really out there.. really sick

  • I didn't read all that because I'm really lazy but I think that love drives women crazy and sex drives men crazy. Both sexes are nuts.


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