What would you think if you heard from an ex that they didn't want you in their life?

My ex and I broke up a little over 2 months ago after being together for 7 months. It was a mutual break up (he said he couldn't handle a relationship right then). He said he wanted to stay friends, but I told him I needed space to move on and couldn't have contact. He respected that.

About a week after the break up, he posted some status on twitter saying that he was on a date, and I heard from a friend that he told his best friend he broke up with me and that I called him crying, begging to get back together. I didn't know about any of this until a month after the break up because I had been traveling. When I heard this, I messaged him and asked him if we could meet and give our stuff back (I wanted some final closure). He was quite eager and met with me that night. I confronted him about what I had seen and heard but he denied it all. He said he didn't know anything about posting he was on a date (but the next day deleted the post) and said his friend was spreading rumors about him.

I was really disappointed by how everything ended... I felt he was really immature about everything. I told him I couldn't have him in my life, that we could never be friends and that I was deleting him from Facebook. He didn't seem that bothered by it and said he understood.

I am moving to another country in a month and am thinking about getting in touch with him to tell him, and say goodbye. All my friends think this is a horrible idea and don't understand why I would want to see him after he was such a jerk. I am just disappointed at how it ended and hate that I will never see or hear from him again. I kind of want another chance to say goodbye, to leave things in a better place and maybe be friends in the future.

Is this a horrible idea?
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I have just been informed that after that last meeting with my ex, he went and sent some verbally abusive emails to his friend who he claimed spread the rumors... apparently she was going through a tough time and he still b*tched her out which severely upset her. I have no idea why he would be compelled to react that way to his 'best friend' but after learning that, I don't think he deserves any more of my attention.
What would you think if you heard from an ex that they didn't want you in their life?
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