Saw my ex, boyfriend is upset

when I was in 7-9th grade I was very good friends with a kid named john. I eventually ended up losing my virginity to him and we kinda had this off and on thing for awhile. about almost 3 years ago he was suddenly sent to prison and I never got to say goodbye, or get any sort of closure, I had to try and accept id never see him again. now the thing is he honestly treated me like s*** he wasn't a good person and when I heard he got out, straigtned up and started going to college I was generally curious as to who he was today and I had a lot of questions I needed answered by him, reasons he treated me badly.

my current boyfriend of over a year and a half knows everything he ever did/said and also knows that jon is the only other person I've cared for.

Jon was back in our home town last week and coincidently enough so was i. I tried to talk to my boyfriend and explain to him that I needed to see jon but he refused to understand. I went anyways, we met up and went fishing for an evening, nothing happend between us I just got my answers (and I feel so much better now) I don't miss jon and I really love my current boyfriend but he is so so so so so upset with me for hanging out with Jon fora day even though the closet we came to touching was a fast hug goodbye.. guys would you be mad? how do I fix this.
Saw my ex, boyfriend is upset
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