Why would you dump someone......then miss them? I don't get it.

OK I guess it's hard for me to understand because I've never dumped anyone. But why is it that people can dump their partners then as time goes by they start missing them? It doesn't make sense to me because I mean if you made the decision to dump them, you were trying to get rid of them out of your life right?...So why would you miss them? That's stupid.

Or am I wrong?


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  • It doesn't mean because you love/have feelings for a person that you are compatible. We can love a person like crazy but things just don't work out. Hence the missing after dumping. Unfortunately it takes more then love to make a relationship.

    • I agree with you on THAT one. It does take more than love to sustain a relationship, perhaps requiring patience and understanding.

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  • Seriously?

    Sometimes relationships have problems that can't be fixed, so eventually you have to break up with them, even though you're still in love with them or like them. Getting rid of them isn't the only reason.

    • Hmmm fair enough answer. So for example, I could dump a guy because I'm just busy with College work or moving houses? Yet I still like him. I know it won't work out. Is that one way?

    • Yes. there are many reasons. Maybe you have to break up with him because he's been mean to you or cheated and many other reasons.. of course you don't want to be with a person like that, but you can still have feelings for them and miss the good times

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