Did he really move on? is he rebounding? or did he leave me for her?

Sorry this is so long..

After my ex boyfriend and I broke up he immediately started dating another girl. (I'm talking like a week after.) Things between us were great and were were getting serious between us.We have known each other for a year and dated for 6 months of that year. It was becoming very serious, he was always talking about us moving into together and wanting to spend the rest of his life with me. We even decided I was going to move in April. He had been talking about all this it right up till we broke up.

We got into a fight because for the last two weeks he had put me pretty low on his priority list. I said I was getting a little tired of him putting his video games before me EVERY night. So that's when he said he wasn't ready for a serious relationship and didn't want me to move because it would be for him and not for me. Which isn't true, I wanted to move anyway. So I broke up with him because there was no other option, I couldn't move because he said no and he couldn't do long distance anymore.

Well about a week later he texted me saying he missed me and still wished I moved down with him. I said living together might be a bad idea because it might be too much for him and things could end very badly. After that he quit talking to me, so a week later I asked what he wanted because things between us seemed up in the air. He said he moved on in his life but we could still be friends, if I liked. Now mind you this was only a week after he told me he missed me and still wanted me to move down. Well of course I got upset and said he obviously lied to me all this time because I don't see how he could have moved on so quick. He said he never lied and we couldn't be friends if I thought that, and that he had a new girlfriend because he moved on in his life. We didn't speak for weeks until yesterday he text me and said he was sorry for everything and said he knew I probably wouldn't send anything back but maybe one day I'd forgive him. And I know the girl he's with now knew he was in a relationship just before they got together. We were still in a relationship and still talking about moving in together when she started liking and commenting on all his stuff on Facebook. So did he really move on? is he just rebounding? or did he leave me for her?
Did he really move on? is he rebounding? or did he leave me for her?
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