Boys, how do you act after you've cheated on your girlfriend ?

My boyrfriend is known to be a serial cheater..

But he says I'm the only one he hasn't cheated on. I know he loves me lots, but I know I still have to be cautious knowing this in the back of my mind.

Lately.. he hasn't been picking up any of my calls whenever he is out. He says he never looks at his phone the entire night.. but whenever I go out with him.. he always does. As any regular person would in regards to time.. or just subconciously.. So it does make me a bit iffy as to why he never calls me back or looks at his phone at all. I know I should trust him but just knowing his past, sparks up the worst of thoughts when these things happen.

He will call me later and sweet talk a lot to me..a bit overtly and telling me things like "You know I love you right ? You know I want to spend the rest of my life with you, your my only girl, your the only one for me. etc... " And it isn't of norm for him to seek such reassertiveness from me normally. Usuallly its the day after he has been out or when he gets back.

does any of this behavior seem familiar? Boys.. who love their girls and have cheated.. do you react this way at all ? Or can you please tell me some signs. I just need my mind at peace or reassured. Thank you.
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Also, we have been together now for just over 2 years approximately
Boys, how do you act after you've cheated on your girlfriend ?
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