How to stop thinking about a girl?

How? I try to keep busy but she just pops in my head, I went jogging and ended up walking thinking about her but its sad cause I have no chance with her, I could watch her picture for hours omg never been so weak and f***ed up in the head,i can't have a girlfriend, no time for dating. I can't even go to bed and I just keep listening to stupid love songs and looking at her pic ;( please help I am going insane.

if you can't help at least recomend love songs lol ill burn anyways :P


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  • She occupies your every thought. You can't concentrate at work, and your friends are telling you that you seem spaced out. Thinking constantly about a girl to the point that it interferes with your day-to-day life is unhealthy, and you need to take steps to distract yourself and stop thinking about her. Train yourself to think about other things such as hobbies, work or other people.


    Ask her out. If you're thinking about her all the time, chances are you like her. The only way to find out if she likes you too and put your mind at rest is to ask her on a date. Talk to her, call her or send her a message. Be direct -- ask her if she'd like to get a drink or a coffee with you, and then make specific plans.

    Get busy. Find an activity so absorbing that it takes your mind off of her. Whether it's running, working on home improvement projects or studying Chinese, spend time doing something that challenges you and forces you to focus on something else. Make lots of plans with friends, who will likely change the subject when you won't stop bringing her up. The busier you are, the less you'll think of her.

    Date someone else. If it's an ex that's preoccupying you, or someone who has turned down your offer of a date, the surest way to stop thinking about her is to find someone else to occupy your thoughts. Try an online dating site, or go somewhere frequented by women, like museums or wine tastings.

    Change the subject. When you catch yourself thinking obsessively about her, literally change the subject of your thoughts. Replace thoughts of her with thoughts of anything else at all, whether it's world affairs or your grocery list.

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  • if you want to forget her then don't listen to love songs rather listen to upbeat happy music and don't look at her pic for goodness sake. Ditch those photos or things that will remind you of her. if she suddenly pops in your mind, think and focus on other things. Remind yourself that you exists and have lived your life before you meet/know her so you should be fine without her. it also help when you highlight her flaws and think of it over and over again if you tend to be drawn again into her charm, it could be her physical flaws, her mannerisms that you find disgusting or her traits that you don't like. lastly if the feeling is too strong don't deny it tell yourself OK I miss her but I'm not letting myself wallow in sadness because of it. good luck on this

  • How well do you even know this girl? "Weak and f***ed up in the head"...what the hell! You probably don't even know if she's worth all of this agonizing and borderline obsessing and here you are stressing yourself out over a girl that for all you know, could be a headache as a girlfriend. Reality is that it's not difficult to be desirable and pleasant on the surface, but deep down, it is extremely difficult to find a certain type of person. You have got to get over this obsessive state of mind where you are thinking about some chick non-stop, listening to love songs. That's what you do when you're in a relationship or after you've broken up. Do you have a mental illness? Or a social disorder?


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  • the way to get over your psycho, stalker obsession with one girl is to find another girl to stalk.

    if that doesn't work then ask her out, she'll say no, you'll be crushed but at least you'll get over it.