Guys: Why does my ex feel like he has to keep "justifying" not being with me?

I was his first love. We've been broken up for a year and 3 months. For the last few months he's been saying things like "See we could never work!" (because I don't play a particular gaming console, or because I prefer quading to dirtbiking, whatever). He also talks down any guy I like (after he texts me out of nowhere asking if I have a boyfriend yet). Yet he says "Get a bf! Get laid!". He'll say "Why did we break up?" after he tells me how good in bed I am. I just get really mixed messages from him.

He broke up with me. I don't want to get back together with him. He has a girlfriend now but he still does this. It's like when there's no chance I could be with a guy he wants me to be with someone, and when there is a possibly I could be in a relationship he gets upset and jealous.

Why does he keep trying to "reason" with me why we "no longer work". It's not like I'm begging him to take me back. I'm confused haha.
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I should mention that I never text or start conversations with him. Part of the reason he gets frustrated is because I have a good job, etc and his family still talks to me and loves me. We were a big part of one another's life.
Guys: Why does my ex feel like he has to keep "justifying" not being with me?
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