When should I give up hope in a relationship of 5 years?

Everything was going great, until he broke up with me out of the blue and said he was having doubts for over one year (in our 5 year relationship). He said he wasn't 100% sure of our relationship and needed a "break" now, so that when we do get married, there wouldn't be any doubts. I totally did not see this coming and had no clue we would be in this situation.

We basically spent every day together for 5 years. He was my best friend and my lover. We adored each other. We went on many trips and built so many memories together. We were just house shopping the week before and moving forward in our relationship towards marriage.

We haven't contacted each other in over 3 months. No phone calls, texts, emails - zero. I'm respecting his "break" by not contacting him, even though I wish I could just talk to him. Some people tell me not to call him; others say to call him to get closure. I've thought about it and if I do call him, I don't even know what to say...?

I heard from mutual friends that he signed up for an online dating site. My other friend also saw him at a bar with another girl (not sure if it just a "girl" friend or someone he is interested in). My ex didn't see my friend though.

Even though it's been 3 months already, I still think about him everyday and hope that he will call. I'm living my life as usual, taken a couple trips away and stayed busy.

I can't even think about moving on with my life by dating other guys. If this isn't going to work with my ex, I need some kind of closure from him. I feel that I was left hanging with no real answer as to what will happen.

I know he was totally in love with me and my best friends were all in shock and thought that it was a joke. Some even thought that it would have been me asking for a break-up and not him.

Besides my best friends, I haven't even told anyone else that we broke-up, including my family. I guess I'm holding on to hope that we will be back together and I don't want my family to hate him.

When do I give up hope? Is this relationship over, since he hasn't even tried to contact me? Is this normal for a guy before marriage?
When should I give up hope in a relationship of 5 years?
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