Been on a relationship break for 3 months and cheating ex wants to meet up?

My ex-boyfriend and I have been on a break for the past 3 month with zero contact, his choice. He recently contacted me and wants to meet now this weekend.

I'm pretty sure he wants to meet up so he can just finalize our break to break-up.

I found out that during our relationship last year, he was cheating on me. He doesn't know that I know that yet. Should I confront him?

If I'm pretty sure he wants to formalize the break-up, should I even meet up with him? What's the point of contacting me after 3 months of ignoring me? Why is he putting me though all of this again?

I'm getting so anxious and don't even know what to say to him. If we do meet, where should we go and what should we do? I feel so awkward!

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I guess a part of me wants to meet up with him to see what he'll say. We're bound to run into each other sooner or later because we have the same circle of friends. I'm hoping that he will admit & apologize his wrong doings. Is that just wishful thinking?

If he doesn't admit it first, I wanted to confront him about the cheating. Good idea or just leave it?

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Since we're in the same circle of friends, I'm guessing he is thinking he is wanting to play the role of a good guy and break-up with me in person, so that his reputation isn't ruined. But, he doesn't know about the cheating, and if I confront him, his reputation will definitely be ruined in his eyes. I don't think he will ever have the guts to come out again.
Been on a relationship break for 3 months and cheating ex wants to meet up?
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