What she thinks after a breakup? Will she ever contact me again?


my girlfriend broke up with me a few days back, mainly Because she doesn't see improvements in our relationship which was serious..

she really cares for me though and she knows well that I cud be a very good partner for her but the thing is she can't do it without feelings so decided to finish it..

i said fine and moved on and said I prefer not to be friends with her anymore so it is basically over...

my questions are:

1- what will be in her mind after she broke up with me?

2- is there still a chance together after some distance between us or it is completely over? (right now I don't plan to contact her at all for a few weeks)

3- is there a chance that she would text or call after that I told her we can't be friends anymore?


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  • Question one - For this one, there could be numerous things or questions running through her mind. She could be wondering why you chose not to be friends with her anymore or how could you possibly move on so quickly? As stated below she could be regretting breaking up with you over such a small reason which could be resolved.

    Question 2 - This one is entirely up to you, if you would like a future between the two of yous then you are going to have to contact her. But if you don't want a future with her just leave her be.

    Question 3 - Why would she contact you after you demanded not to be friends anymore? If you want her to contact you, you must at least text or call her first. Otherwise she will not text or call because as far as she knows you have moved on and want nothing to do with her.

    Nothings going to happen at least you do something.

    Seriously you are playing games with her, if you want there to be a future why did you demand not to be friends with her? That's just not fair. Yeah I get she broke up with you and that may be heartbreaking but that doesn't give you the right to play games with her. For all you know she could be rethinking breaking up with you and could be wanting to get back together but you don't want to be friends with her anymore so she won't call or text to tell you that information.

    Remember if you want truthful answers to these questions you are going to get off you ass and ask her yourself. You will need to make a move and not just wait around for her to make it.

    • hey thanks for your answer..

      just to clarify, I am not intending to play games with her.. it is just we met for a reason which is marriage, mutual people have made us meet so we kept on talking and seeing each other for a bit less than a year..

      i just told her that I don't want to be friends because I met her for a simple reason which was marriage, so when she broke up I saw no reason to stay friends beside that it is better to move on when we are not friends..

      thanks again :)

    • Okay, that's fine. Well I think it's best if you just move on. I think you should accept that you's have broken up and now move on. Or you could follow my advice above, that's up to you :)

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  • 1.not a very serious issue...she will be regretting for breaking relationship for a small reason

    2.theres always a chance...action required from your side

    3.dnt wait for her text,things dnt happen as we wish them to happen ...just act from your side show some response...