Ex-boyfriend to friend with benefits, now best friend, not sure what to do?

My friend Robert ( I found out later had had a crush on me) and I hung out a lot very close and eventually ended up in a relationship. We dated for about 10 months or so...and it was HOT. Great chemistry...and fantastic sex.

Now he was engaged in his past, before he ever met me (it was such a long engagement that he eventually fell out of love with that person and was avoiding huge committed relationships afterward). Anyway, we did date...and it was cool.

Well...he felt things were getting a little serious and broke up with me, he said he still loved me and was incredibly attracted to me, just didn't want the pressure of a committed relationship. I did feel hurt, I do love him..yet we sort of morphed into friends with benefits...and the sex was still great, neither of us wanted to stop that.

And I have to say aside from terminology, nothing really changed between us for a year. We had this arrangement...he kept emphasizing that we were only friends, so I wouldn't get the wrong idea. We were sleeping together regularly and he would make a point to mention if something were ever to happen with another girl, then our arrangement may have to change. I did still love him, and knew all that. I have not even really been interested in anyone else and/or looking, he has been interested but isn't looking either.

It has been a few months since the last time we slept together...I do now live outside of the town he lives in, and other job/ things have progressed to make that a bit harder. Anyway, aside from the sex, our relationship is pretty damn the same...We are still very involved with each other...we have become best friends to each other, confidants.

Now, a week ago or so...he kinda told me that there are few girls he knows that he is attracted to...but he specifically not looking to date...just "having fun", and that he wouldn't do anything with them. At first I was very upset about it..I felt jealousy and mistrust a little...but because we are so close to one another, we literally talk about everything. I tell him how I feel and what I am going through (even about him). and he tells me how he feels even the things (that as an ex I should be crazy for even wanting to know), he tells me who he is attracted to and all of that. So much about that is in the open.

I still love him, and sometimes I still want him in a relationship (only sometimes). The sex is hot...and neither of us have done anything like that with anyone else since we last had sex...

We had a talk and he said he was still very attracted to me and would like to start having sex again, he wants to make sure I wouldn't feel any jealousy about the possibility of other girls (in case that ever happened). He even mentioned the possibility of a threesome if I wouldn't feel jealous. I am all for sex with him, I would love to do that. I am concerned that could be a mistake, that he may be using me, that it may ruin our friendship and I am just confused about the whole situation.. Help.
Ex-boyfriend to friend with benefits, now best friend, not sure what to do?
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