Is it a good thing I'm stopping my boyfriend from moving out of home?

yesterday when I was with my boyfriend at his house, he started to have a mental break down because he wants to move out of home. he's been thinking it for a long time, but he wants to because:

* out of the four children 19,10, 5 and him being 16. he is the one having to do all the house chores because he has to cause the others won't to did.

* gets told to get a job to pay for the food he eats, when he hardly eats. yet he can't get a job cause he has to babysit the younger children.

* can't go anywhere during the week cause of babysitting and the weekends and holidays he's expected to stay home and clean the house.

*has to do his mums face eg. pimples hairs.

* and have to help all the kids with their homework yet not much time for his, so he gets yelled at for his school marks.

* he can't speak his mind to his parents cause they have a go at him.

* his mother is really judge mental with people and doesn't allow my boyfriend to do anything, he's not best to have a girlfriend because his older brother never did at his age, and never went out and did things.

I'm trying to keep him at home cause I know his mother will disown him if he leaves thou I know his father supports him with the choice. and if he does move out he does have a place to live. but I really don't know if I let him leave, I'm supporting him how I can, thou its not really working and I can't stand how he's living. just don't want his mum to be abusive to him thou he's able to take it, just afraid of the things that would happen. what would be your say choice? what's your say ? tips?

Is it a good thing I'm stopping my boyfriend from moving out of home?
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