How/Should I bring up a previous problem in our relationship?

My girlfriend went on a mission trip in July that was 12 days long. When she came back she was acting weird and protective of her phone. I soon found out that she had been talking to one of the guys on the mission trip and that she had taken a few picture of him that were uploaded to Facebook. Also the day after she came back they hung out and went on a run/walk together. Since then she's deleted his number and stopped texting him back.

I've been thinking recently that I was too nice when this happened. I don't feel that I got my point across of how upset and hurt I was that this happened. I want to tell her that I'm still hurt by it but I also don't want to restart a fight over something that happened 3 months ago. Any suggestions?


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  • I would think she doesn't sound like a good partner.

    Just because I feel that certain things should be open.

    I personally would feel insulted if my guy thought I would be upset he was texting his other female friends.

    now I use the word'friends' because if it is a FRIEND, there shouldn't be ANYTHING to hide.

    you may have been nice.

    I personally became more assertive because of some jerks I dated.

    sometimes you got to realize some girls aren't that honest.

    I think your feelings are validated because she hid this from you and why? why should she hide...unless it's bad.

    so I wouldn't get mad over it, I would almost be tempted to dump her.

    is there any other evidence she could be cheating on you?

    • No I don't think she is. We spend so much time together, I don't see how she could be. She's also not protective of her phone. If I'm on her phone when she walks in the room she doesn't react or hurry over to see what I'm doing.

      There something she wants to talk about in our relationship (too long to explain on here) but I think I might be able to tie this into that without causing an argument. I'm going to focus on my feelings instead of the wrong things she did

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