Does he want me back or what? I am tired of trying to figure him out.

My ex and I were together for a year and been broken up for almost 3 months. We slept together once after we broke up (about a month after) and I asked him why we were doing it and he said he missed my face and me. He also told me that night "you know I fell in love with you right", but we never told each other we loved each other when we were together.

He text me every morning "good morning" and then text me all day off and on till one of us goes to bed. Gets jealous and always ask if I am going on a date when I tell him I have plans. Calls me babe, dear, says I still miss you and think about you a lot and tells any I mean the world to him. Though he never says he actually wants to get back together, though his has expressed more feelings lately than usual. I have told him I still have feelings for him. He says your not alone in your feelings. Those are the kind of answer I get.

He has recently wanted to hang out more as well. The other night he came over and we fell asleep on the couch. Kinda cuddling but not like we would when we were together. I got up and he told me he was so tired he didn't wanna drive home. So I told him he could stay on the couch or have half the bed. He came upstairs and we went to bed (no intimacy) but neither one of us slept, just tossed and turned because I felt like there was some tension there. Finally in the early hours of the morning he says "come here" and puts his arms around me and starts holding me. Then we slept fine. Then everything went back to normal like friends again the next day.

Does he want me back or still have feelings for me?
Does he want me back or what? I am tired of trying to figure him out.
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