Slept with my ex... now what...

So this weekend I saw my long distance ex for the first time since the breakup. It was actually OK, we hung out with mutual friends and chatted like old times. He would hug me occasionally for a little too long but apart from that it was just like we were friends.

On the last night we found ourselves alone, few words were said about our relationship/breakup as personally I don't see the point in talking about the past as it's over now. But then he kissed me. One thing led to another and we ended up sleeping together. It was great, much better than the last few times we'd been together - there was no mention of getting back together, it was just sex.

The problem is we both still like each other he just doesn't know what he wants. And to be fair, neither do I. If he would commit to me I'd take him back in a heartbeat but that's not an option right now that I'm aware of. I don't feel bad about what happened or dirty or anything like that, it actually felt like a really nice way to say goodbye only I don't know if I should cut him out completely.

I'm planning on moving closer to him in the next six months (not the same city and not to get him back, but for personal reasons) which along with time to figure ourselves out might mean we're both in a position to give the relationship a proper go... I don't know.

Should I continue to stay in contact with him or should I cut contact to see if he misses me and decides he wants us to try again?
Slept with my ex... now what...
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