The unknown boyfriend to the others?

Hey people! I was dating this girl and we broke up some time ago, however I got to know just recently that she didn't tell anyone about us (at least in detail). A common friend of us told me that when she asked my ex if we were dating or something, my ex replied "kind of". My ex parents never got to know about my existence (they live abroad anyway but I wasn't even mentioned in their conversations). Let's say that she never showed any kind of "love" demonstration, and whoever that doesn't know about us will never find out we were a couple. Non the less, when we were alone she showed exactly the opposite, she was very caring, loving and so on. Do you feel like "hiding" your relationship status is quite common or I happen to be a lucky "winner (for not saying loser)"? Have a great day y'all!


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  • How long did you guys date? She could just be private and wants to see if it would workout for the long haul with you two before she introduced you as her boyfriend to family and friends.


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