Does he think we are back together?

I broke up with my ex over three months ago. A few weeks ago I called him after no contact for the entire time since our break up looking for a booty call. I was honest and said I was just looking for sex and he said he was down. He started asking what I had been up to and started talking about fixing my car and taking me out to dinner. We have hook up a few times since that phone call and he is so cuddly with me every time and wants to hang out. He tells me how much he missed me. He also makes plans for us for the next two weeks, like taking me to a movie and out to dinner. He keeps asking me what he should have in his house so that I have something to eat or drink when I come over. He pointed out the other day how he doesn't like talking on the phone but can talk to me for hours on the phone.


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  • Well yeah. You're leading him on. Giving him the affection and attention he wants so he feels reconnected again. If you don't want to actually be together, then maybe you should get it through to him and maybe find someone else if he refuses. And I kind of feel bad for the guy/:

    • Why feel bad for him when I was honest and forward. I said "I just want sex." My words exactly.

    • Because he knows that that's what you want, but to him, it sounds like he's going to like try to win you back but he'll probably end up heartbroken.