How soon is too soon to start seeing someone else? Guys, What would you think?

So basically I went through a pretty bad breakup... just under three weeks ago.

A week ago I met a guy in a club. He was really good looking and I just wanted to kiss him but I ended up asking him to come back to my place... (god knows why - I couldn't do anything) anyway he was cool about it any we just mucked around, had a laugh / watched movies and snuggled and stuff. We've text pretty much non stop since and he was already keen that day to hang out again.

In any case... he's come over a couple of times since and stayed the night (like I'm talking we met Friday night, he came over Monday night and Wednesday night) me STILL not being able to do anything... he's been really cool about it and said explicitly he likes hanging out with me and stuff so all good.

Anyway so it finally came up last night that I was in a relationship just under three weeks ago... sheerly by the fact he started talking about a girl my ex was talking to behind my back and I made a face :/. so it was very much so a too much information situation...

He didn't really flinch though and we still had a good night and made breakfast together and stuff but I don't think he would say anything anyway.

Guys - If a girl you were interested in told you that she had a breakup less than three weeks ago what would you think?

Girls - how soon is too soon? I don't think I'm over my ex entirely - I miss his company / friendship more than anything... but this guy is awesome and fun to hang out with. Maybe not my type but I really don't have a clue at the moment.

k go!


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  • This would depend on how long the previous relationship was. Typically, I believe that if the relationship had any sort of substance in your life, three weeks would be too short. You really have to be careful after a relationship ends, since you do not want your next one to be a rebound. Guys do get hurt by these things as well. It seems that this guy is pretty cool, so give it time and be sure you are done with the last relationship before you go into the next one.

    As a guy, I would be really concerned that you wouldn't be ready for a relationship, but I know that spending time with you would be a good way to help you heal.

    • I definitely don't wanna hurt this guy.. I do enjoy spending time with him though.

      I guess my biggest problem is I'm in two minds about whether I'm over my ex, and whether in the case that I'm not - is it relationship or friendship relevant?

      In any case I'm not gonna intentionally lead this guy down the garden path - I feel more concerned that my judgement is skewed as it can only be by rebounds.

      I wonder if the best thing I can do is keep talking to the other guys I've met recently / tha

    • that have showed interest to clear up some of that confusion

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  • I'd take a few min /hrs to look over the situation. Later- I'd ask how you are. If it wasn't an issue you probably wouldn't have brought it up. I would probably back off a little bit. Not cut off ties all together, but slow it down. No point in rushing into a new relationship if you haven't gotten over the last one. And I'd thank you for being honest.

  • 45 minutes LOL

  • Wouldn't care. Just want to get laid.


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  • Well, it's only too soon if you're not over your ex.

    I remember, when I broke up with my ex (HAHA), I got a boyfriend within' 4 days or so.

    • hahaha what did the new guy think of that initially?

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    • well that worked out pretty sweet haha

    • It did indeed. Then, again some guys would think that you'll do the same thing to them.