Is this an acceptable reason for a break up?

A friend of mine and I were talking. We're both in college.

We were discussing our relationships and she brought up a concern of hers. She wondered if I thought it was acceptable or shallow to break up with a boyfriend if you thought he would be unable to provide for a family financially in the future.

I find that an interesting question, so I thought I'd ask you all.

I posed this question to my mother, an accountant.

Her response was that she felt it was a completely acceptable reason to break up with someone if you felt that they managed money poorly since financial issues are a leading cause of divorce.

However, my friend was speaking more along the terms of intelligence. She admitted to thinking that her boyfriend wasn't intelligent enough to secure a job that made enough to provide for a family's expenses.

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen of the internet, the question is as follows:

Do you consider it acceptable to break up with a significant other if you believed they would be unable to support children and potentially you, should you become unemployed, financially?
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It amuses me how many men are taking offense to this question.
Is this an acceptable reason for a break up?
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