Why do guys enjoy playing girls?

I AM so FRUSTRATED! This guy I met over the summer and I hooked up a couple times. I decided I was tired of just hooking up and wanted to do other things together since we essentially talked everyday. He didn't want a relationship, I did but it wasn't a huge deal, but I did want to do other things together like go places, he was weird about it so I cut him off. We didn't talk for a good month until I finally texted him and said we should still be friends since we did used to talk almost everyday. I did meet another guy during that month but I am not really emotionally connected to him like I am this guy. I didn't tell the other guy and everything went back to normal that day, we started making jokes again, and just same old way like it used to be. I left a hoodie at his place and he told me he found it and if we wanted to meet up so he could give it to me. I said okay, and I asked where would be easiest for him, and he told me: at this specific ice cream shop. I asked which one because it is a chain and there are several of them, and he said it didn't matter, it was up to me. I picked one, he said okay and he will meet me the next day. The following morning, he texted me this joke and I replied as I normally do, and this time I don't hear from him afterward. I didn't say anything rude, all I said was "omg that would be so funny if someone did that in the middle of class :)" and he never responded back. I found that weird, but I figured he was busy at work. So I don't hear from him all day then an hour before we are supposed to meet he texts me: I can't give you your hoodie today. And I said "oh don't worry! Do you want me to meet you outside of you apartment another time and you can hand it to me?" And he NEVER texted me back. This has been 3 days. I talked to my friends about it and they all agreed that he wouldn't have been that specific with a location to just "drop off my hoodie" he could have just handed it to me outside of his place but he CHOSE a specific place to drop it off, it seemed like he wanted to sit down and talk by doing that. He is acting like I did something wrong, everything was starting to do so well again. Not he is acting weird. Why be so normal then act weir again? I feel like he is doing this because he knows I care about him. And I hate that I care so much about him because there are other guys that are also pursuing me but I can't help how I feel about this guy, and he's not even THE BEST looking guy of all of them. But I connected with him more than I have some guys I've dated for years. Why is he behaving like this? Does he enjoy breaking my heart. I'm not going to go out of my way to contact him because I still have my dignity, but I will tell you, it hurts. Why is he doing all of this?
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Oh and he doesn't know about the other guy for a FACT because we don't have the same group of friends. And that other guy isn't anything serious. Just talking.
Why do guys enjoy playing girls?
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