Relationships complications - Break ups and new love?

Honestly? I fell in love with a truly romantic boy and I confided in him that I was a recovering anorexic. As soon as I has any issues, he dumped me and a week later started dating his best friend.. Since then he's been calling me names and using indirect insults, trying to trigger me on purpose. He's made me insecure about myself, who I am and love itself.

I started dating a friend of my ex’s (same social circle as me and him) a while ago. I had a lot of feelings for him. But now, about a monthish later, I don’t know anymore.

He’s handsy and is unintentionally pressuring me. He’s never once said he cares about me, but has decided I’m his girlfriend (no asking me). I don’t know if my feelings go beyond friendship.

But there’s ANOTHER boy in the same circle too! Another friend! He’s my pianist for the high school choir I direct and he's been kind of like my protector this entire time. He's been the one to tell my ex to back off and stop being horrible to me, to leave me alone.

When my ex quit the choir, the sign it was truly over, and I got truly upset, I left the room to cry. When I came back, he was still there sitting at his piano. I walked over and just stood beside him. He looked at me and didn't say anything.

When someone else asked what happened and he saw I couldn't even really talk about it without breaking down, he explained it for me. As he finished, he called Liam an a**hole, looking me in the eye as he did so. That meant the entire world to me.

He went through some sort of breakup a month and a halfish ago... Their relationship status on Facebook changed and he was just so sad. The thing I really noticed is that he stopped talking and opening up. It made me sad, to see him like that.

But 2 weeks later, he was back and we got closer, he let me in and we talked more. He jokes with me and really makes me smile and feel happy.

I tend to feel uneasy around people and he makes me feel fully confident and comfortable. I don’t know what’s going on with him and her. Since he came back, he decided to be a nicer person but won’t tell anyone why. He promises me, but it’s never the right moment/place.

I think I could fall in love with him but I’m terrified to act on it.

He's perfect and calms my.. anxiety around people.

I need out of this "relationship" that I never agreed to.

I was supposed to choose a date for us to hang out this weekend.

But I never did. I've avoided it for the last two days.

He's Facebook messaged me and texted me a few times without reply.

What do I do?

Should I really end it this close to Christmas?

Relationships complications - Break ups and new love?
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