Girlfriend cheated, and I'm taking her back?

So, this one is a bit crazy please don't just harass me...

My girlfriend cheated on me with her ex - the same guy she had left for me. When I found out about it I naturally dumped her. Her response to it wasn't begging and pleading as one could imagine. It was more like this is inevitable - there is nothing I can do about this. She was in a state of shock. Stopped eating but went with him almost every night after that.

I desperately tried to forget her. I had to get some of her things back to her, so I texted her earlier today. It was an awkward beginning on the convo, but we we talked things went OK. I asked her if she is getting back together with her ex, and she said, he wants to, but she doesn't know. He talked to his parents and they said of course he is gonna get hurt again. I said do you love him? She said I thought I was in love with you but I cheated so I don't really know what love feels like.

We started kissing out of no where and she stopped it. I asked if she wants to get back together with me, and she said do I? I said I don't know..

The more we talked the more it seemed like we both want to try again. I told her to go talk to her ex, and simply express her doubts about them getting back together. Maybe then she will be able to choose. She said we are both crazy for wanting her back .

We talked about how if she got with me, I would never bring it up again, but we had to be open and honest about everything. We were only together 3 months before she cheated - and we had a terrible 2 weeks because I was working so much. I was honestly not being a good boyfriend at all...we fought a lot, and it was usually my fault.

We also talked about how she can't cheat again...even knowing that I took her back will give her power and lose respect for me. She said she knows this and would never think that way.

We live in a country where cheating is the NORM. And I mean EVERYONE, everyone, cheats. Its hard to imagine I know. I told her that even though everyone does it, I know its cultural, but in the future if we having a bad go of things, we need to be 100% open and honest - if her ex calls, she must tell me, and this time I won't freak out and isolate her. We will talk through the feelings.

We have overcome a lot to get here, and both worked so hard to get to where we are today, I feel like that says something about our relationship - that we are able to work through our differences even in bad times. We have both changed so much in the year we have been seeing each other (3 months seriously).

I don't really have a question but more want to ask if there is anyone who thinks that maybe this might work out. She is young (19) and I am I know some of this is due to her lack of maturity.

Our situation, her leaving him (he was very abusive), is different than others.

If she talks to him and decides me...what next? My gut feels like its the right move, I've never felt this way about anyone before.

Thanks for any insight.
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thx everyone for your great thoughts, it has really helped me. I guess the one good thing is we aren't married or have kids, and we can take it from here slowly and see what happens. No one ever said if we try again we can't break up and hopefully my mind will be at more peace the next time
Girlfriend cheated, and I'm taking her back?
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