My ex and I are talking again?

So I havnt talked to my ex in a week since he broke up with me. I had been ignoring him. But today I texted him good morning. And now we are talking like we never broke up like just a normal conversation. Like wee are best friends. But nothing about our relationship. Does he want to forget about it? I need to know his intentions. When can I confront him about what happened? Wait a little day? I don't want to be his friend if he doesn't want to be with me.


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  • As you were together you most likly have lots in common. if you feel you can not just ask him you neather need to be friends or more. ANY relationship has to me built on comunication. so just ask

    • Thanks, that helped. We are talking. Just decided to be friends. But I wonder if that will make him want me

    • Glad to help, as a guy I can say that he may or may not Things may go well and your relationship may get stronger or you will have a great friendship

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  • I know exactly how you feel! I've had this recently and I asked him about it (in a casual way) like, 'It's nice we're talking how we used to and we don't feel like there has to be a relationship' and he agreed, I think if you're unsure or worried about whether he still likes you ask - but why do you say that you don't want to be his friend if he doesn't like you?

    • It's not nice though because I do want him back. Because well it hurts too much when he doesn't share the same feeling/: I don't know whether to ignore him or to be friends with him to ring him back to me/:

    • I see what you mean, but I suppose you have to go back to that old phrase of 'if you love them let them go'. You may not be sure that he likes you like that anymore but surely being close to him in other ways can be better than just ignoring him? Saying that, it depends whether you want to get over him? If you do then the most sensible thing to do is not talk to him but give him reasons: nothing's worse than being ignored and not knowing why?

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