She cheated on me with another woman?

I started seeing this girl in April. We were having a great time till about the 4th month in. She told me she suffered from severe depression and has for a long time, I told her that I would be there to support her because I was falling for this girl and I don't believe that you run out on someone because they have a problem. 2 months later we went on holiday together and had a great time and we got to the point when we talking about moving in together. Then it all went wrong. There is a woman in my town who is known as predatory lesbian, she will pursue someone relentlessly and she doesn't care if they are in a relationship or not, my ex didn't like her and said we should stay away from her. Then one night they got talking and disappeared for an hour. when my ex came back she was drunk and I suspect high, I still don't know what went on that night. 2 weeks later my Ex took 3 days off "sick" and when she came back to work I found out a couple of days later she had been sleeping with this woman. I told her then I wanted nothing to do with her but she begged for a second chance and like a fool I gave her it on the proviso she severed all contact with this woman and proved she wanted this to work.

Anyhow long story short she stayed in contact with her despite wanting to stay with me and a month later she never showed up for work and we found out she was back with this woman. They are out a lot and my Ex is constantly drunk when I see her.

Im coming to the point where I really cba with relationships now. My Ex herself said that I put so much effort into her and I gave her confidence when she felt down and this is how I'm repaid. I don't believe in having a victims mentality, you learn your lessons and move on but my luck with relationships has been so bad I just want to focus on my work and forget all about women. My Ex has screwed over so many people for this woman and It annoys me that she thinks she can just walk off into the sunset. I have little to no faith in relationships anymore and I don't know how to regain it

If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it


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  • NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! lol. Seriously, no. Don't give up ^_^

    I know it's hard to deal with something like that especially when you took the time to try to build something with another. It's very sweet that you stood by her when she was going through some hard times

    Point is, You shouldn't give up. ^_^

    Yes, you have been hurt by this woman but it doesn't mean all women are like that. It may be hard to trust someone again but it's always worth it when you find someone worth loving and how can you do that if you shut down/give up?

    You should take some time to get over her and what she has done. She had her own problems but it doesn't mean that it should bring you down. You're only ruining a chance for yourself and a chance for someone else to truly be happy with one another.

    You get what you give. If you deny someone what you can give then how can you get it in return? Unconditional love should be given to not just anyone but someone who is worth that effort.

    Hope it helps ^-^ Don't give up! hahahahah XD


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  • That lesbian just sounds like a total bad girl, she is getting the girl you were going out with drunk and high all the time and that is not good for her and I feel like this lesbian jsut prays on women who are going through a confusing and depressing time with themselves, she has a fragile part about herself and she needs taken care of, I know myself I can be like stone how I hold up walls against things and people but if someone gets through that solid stone wall it can smash into a million pieces if I get hurt, it's not fun at all and with her fragile side it just seems she is swayed so easily due to her current state of mind and now she is getting mixed up with the wrong person, it is so sad how that happens. I too have been going through quite a depressing time and I just feel like anything that will stop me feeling this emptiness is better than feeling it all but when a guy started recording us when we did things when I didn't want to then shared it with people that was my wake-up call to try as best as I can to find a better way out of this and to stop avoiding people or trying to cover it up things. Ether you can try again and save her from this horrid woman or you can find someone more stable to be with.

  • understandably, it's gonna be tough knowing you invested so much effort in this individual who isn't reciprocating any respect or essence of a partner.

    so you do move on and physically, mentally realize what the implications would be if you had not cut it off.

    give yourself a pat on the back and realize this is a few lessons that come with dating etc.

    relationships...require maturity and foresight sometimes.

    and listening to friends or advice is also a recommendation

    I have been on your end where I invested emotions, time and money on an ex who didn't deserve to talk to me. Subsequently, I raised my standards . now I'm getting married soon.

    channel your energy into other endeavors, do things to make yourself happy during this time and don't condemn yourself that you have' no luck' with relationships. realize in this case, it was the other person, work on yourself so that you are aiming higher for a quality girl.

    good luck to you and wish you the best =)

  • I am always so sad when I hear sh*t like this happening to good people. My current boyfriend was treated like total crap by his ex's. I can say two good things came out of it though. 1) He really appreciates me because I am not like either of them. I am more like him. Treat my SO well then get treated like sh*t so I really appreciate him too. and 2) If they did treat him well (or if my ex's treated me well), we would probably have never met. I am so grateful we met and went through what we did because we are stronger for it and our relationship is stronger for it.

    Take some time off of dating, we both did. We needed it. I have several times to be honest because I thought I was doing something wrong. It wasn't me it was them. Please don't change and become a jerk like so many do because when that happens the right woman will pass you by.


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  • I'm sorry to hear about your ordeal, truly. But don't let one person who has wronged you ruin your outlook on dating, or anything else.

    • cheers man but this isn't the first. The one before told me she loved me then 2 months later actually asked me if she could sleep with other guys for a while and then tried making out I was psycho when I didn't respond well to it