He says he has moved on but his actions say otherwise?

I've pushed my ex away by being too clingy (didn't realize it at the time) I wanted to spend a lot of time with him. When we would fight, I wouldn't let him off the phone until it was resolved, etc. I was very emotional.

Right before Christmas, he got fed up with it and broke up with me. I handled it completely wrong. I begged him to stay, because "If for no other reason, because it's Christmas." Needless to say, he didn't change his mind. I reinforced his decision.

However, he came to get his things right before the New Year and we talked it out and decided to take things slow, and see where it goes. We weren't rushing getting back together and I have been working on my emotional problems. I've learned to talk to him about things instead of fight. The problem is that since I've spent so much time fighting with him and being a drama queen, that's what he expects from me when there's a conflict.

About a week ago we had a problem. I wanted him to come over on Friday because it was the anniversary of my grandma's death and I didn't want to be alone. He had planned on spending Friday night at home, relaxing. I asked him if he could have his "me night" on Saturday instead, explaining my reason. And he just assumed I just didn't want him to be anywhere but here (because he's usually here all weekend). He ended up coming over on Friday but in the days that followed, he turned very cold. Monday night he told me he didn't feel the same. Tuesday morning he took a Facebook status the wrong way and flipped out on me. I handled the situation right. I stayed calm and apologized for posting a status that could be perceived that way and for upsetting him. He then told me he didn't care and didn't reply when I apologized again. I didn't text him back.

On Friday (this past Friday) He posted a status about having a date and tagged the girl in it. I chose to ignore it. He liked an upbeat status I posted about school on Saturday, but also posted about how everything has changed and he had a great night. On

Sunday, I added an old friend that I stopped talking to because the ex didn't like him. I wrote on his wall asking how he'd been and saying "I miss my buddy" Totally innocent. Not even five minutes later my ex texted me quoting what I had written on Joe's wall and telling me to enjoy the Super Bowl.

Today he texted me responding to a status I posted on Facebook, taking it to mean I was out with a guy, when it didn't. I could tell he was mad and over analyzing. But he said he didn't care and has moved on. I told him he was right to break up and I wanted to be friends at some point. He said he couldn't because he still loves me and can't stand to see me with someone else when I move on. But he doesn't want to be with me. I deactivated my Facebook and he thought I blocked him. He left me 7 texts while I was at work tonight calling me childish.

What chance do I have of resolving this and fixing our relationship?
He says he has moved on but his actions say otherwise?
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