My boyfriend an his ex drama

My baby daddy and I have been together but our biggest problem is his ex first baby mom. She is still in love with him and won't stop trying like when I was prego they took Facebook pics her on his lap he didn't tell me I came across them myself . Then he always takes up for her an says he has to be her friend . An one time we met I Person he acted funny . What do you think ?


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  • he doesn't have to be her friend. They can co parent without being friends he is using that as an excuse Hun. If I were you I would ask him what does he really want ?


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  • Now, I have a huge problem with this whole scenario. You are letting yourself be used by a man who has already done this to one other woman. And yet, you and her fight over the man, rather than sympathize with each others' griefs.

    The only way he can make this right is to marry one of the two of you, and be a non-sexual friend with the other. But he has to be in the picture of both women for the sake of both children, as of right now.

    This is one of the primary reasons that polygamy was outlawed. Although, old-timey laws also stated that behavior like this with non-marrieds, especially when children were at stake and one child would be deprived of a father for the sake of another, was also horrendous. So under old-timey laws, he'd have to marry one of the two of you or else face jail time.

    Those laws aren't being enforced anymore.

    But as a rule of thumb, here's some advice that may sound appalling in this i-Generation age:

    It's never about what you want, but about what truly is best for your children, that should govern your actions as a parent. If that ends up meaning in the long run that you have to let him go, and find another man who is a better role model for your child, consider the options.

    • She cheated on him and dumped him then ended up in prison and I met him and started seeing him now she wants him back.

    • Well, that does say something. If he has any good sense, he'll marry you, and be the non-sexual friend of the other. I'd advise a lot of talks with the marriage counselor in advance, and he's gonna need a lot of support. One way or the other, he's got himself walking a tightrope. Getting involved with her was a huge mistake, and it's gonna cost him for years to come.

  • If he's loyal to you then why worry be glad you have him and not her. If he had a child with her then there should be communication for the child's sake it's very unhealthy for a child to have parents that can't be civil. Also sounds like he was uncomfortable when you guys met which as a guy I can understand. Was it a planned meeting? If so that may be different. I would be upset about the pics being she was on his lap otherwise I wouldn't think too much about it but mistakes happen maybe he wasn't sure how to act or was caught off guard and timing also matters do you think he would √†llow her to hop on his lap now? But as for her wanting him he can't help that. He must not be too bad a guy for you both to want him but sounds like you have him be glad you have someone and aren't the only one to desire them. It is hard for us to give a accurate diagnoses without a lot more info though. It could be that you may be a little over jealous also but I can't say. A little jealousy is expected but too much is disastrous.

    • It was not planed he didn't know I was coming to his moms an she showed up why I was there . My biggest problem is he let her do and say what she pleases an tells me to ignor her he never takes up for me .

  • Using the terms baby daddy...ex first baby mom...clearly no marriage ever involved in any of this. Yeah, I'd say that's expected behavior.


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