What am I supposed to think?

So me and my boyfriend broke up almost 4 months ago and I broke up with him, before I did it maybe a month before he said it'd be easy going back to friends like normal and then I actually did it and we don't talk pretty much silent treatment. I don't get it, the day I broke up with him after I did it, he said he didn't want to break up yet he said he didn't want to break up. He won't add me back on on Facebook or even instagram.
btw we only dated for 5 months, talked for about a year.


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  • Just move on. He's just giving you headaches.


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  • Why did you break up?

    • we broke up because he kept bringing up his ex girlfriend, and when I confronted him about it and asked why he kept doing it he said idk, and I saw he was talking to other girls on Facebook, he wasn't trying in the relationship anymore, he stood me up, being a jerk

    • he was my best friend, just hate to throw away our friendship just because our relationship didn't work out, he said he wouldn't yet his actions are different. He texts me out of random every two months and I reply with a question like did you text the right person and he never texts back so last time I said goodbye...after we broke up I found out some stuff about him and I told him it was hard to trust him anymore and he was trying to convince me it wasn't true

    • You need to move on.

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