Ex girlfriend doesn't seem to be bothered by break up. Why?

The reason we broke up was part of a bigger problem with sex and stuff. But eventually it died out because she said "things aren't the same" and it's not as comfortable. Broke up on Monday. Haven't seen her yet

I've been trying to move on, but it sucks because she hasn't texted me or anything. I would feel better about myself if I knew she missed everything and made a mistake.


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  • She already closed the chapter before you even knew about a break up. She already took her distance, she's further than you are in the "getting over" part. But I'm afraid she won't tell you she misses you and won't tell you she made a mistake. Maybe later in time, but I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you.

    I think it's important now you try to get her out of your head, easier said than done ofcourse.

    • What do you mean she won't tell me she misses me?

    • Ehm, I mean that she won't tell you she misses you...It means what it says. You won't get a message that says: "I miss you" from her.

  • Well, maybe she doesn't feel it was a mistake that the relationship ended and if that's the case she isn't going to text you. Move on.

    • Aww I was hoping she would because of the great times we've had

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