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My ex of over 5 years we have a child together. We broke up due to the fact that he lied about me cheated. Not really sure where he got the story from but it was a painful any for me sinsce I never even flirted with someone else while we were together.. I'm just not the type to do those things. Our relation was great, never really have harsh arguments as we were a very loving pair. at the time he was fooling around with someone else, wfter he moved out he went to live with the person an then move out from that person after 3 months and then he went back to the same person again to live and is living with that persons now. For me I moved on with my life also. The problem is there was never really any closure as to where he go the false stories from,. I was informed by his best friend that the girl he was fooling around went to some psychic and that's where all the information came from about me. lolol now seriously. I had hated him so soo much. but not anymore. as I was wondering can anyone be so ccruel.. he could simply be honest and move on but not lie on me in order to make himself look like the anglel

well yesterday I called him and tell him we need to have a serious talk face to face, I said could be this week or nexrt week once he have the time and he was so ready ,e never hesitate, he want to talk to me today. I am kind of curious as to why would he be so eager and yet he never initiate it.. This is the guy who only talk nice to me when his girl is not around. I always wander why I mean I have moved on and so does he.. What do you think he is up what should I do in the meeting with him, I simply need us to be honest with each other regardless since we now have nothing to loose. I need closure so at least I can rid myself of the insecurity issues that I now face.


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  • Ask him when you see him he is the only one that can honestly answer that question


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