Guess break broke us up....

Well a little over amonth ago I posted something about me and my boyfriend now ex, about taking a break and then getting together after two weeks. He didn't want the break but the point of this break was he kept lying to me, and now a couple weeks ago we got back everything was fine, I thought he said we would work on things this is where he wanted to be, is with me, and then he kept on telling me he didn't know when we would get together he would let me know. I would see him once or twice if that a week and he kept being distant. I said did you have a change of heart did you meet someone else he swore up and down but time went on and when I asked again he said no we just need to take it slow. I said I thought we were OK and he said I need to figure myself out I don't know where I am and when I said I will step out of relationship he said no I just need that time. I asked if he even love me anymore he said I think so well yes. I said wow that answered my question. We were going to get together Friday which is 2 days from now. I won't why bother I am crushed but I guess taking the break put everything in perspective that he truly didn't love me. He said ill just call you when we can get together you can let me know if its OK. I said OK, but I am so crushed he said Ill tell me if it was over believe me..Well I don't believe him because it feels already over is what I told him. I won't call him again or pick up calls it be on his terms anyway, so I guess better to find out now, but I am still devestated.


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  • Well first I just want to say I am so sorry & I know how you feel & I know this SUCKS (capital everything)! There's honestly no possible way you could know his next move & that's devastating. I think that you shouldn't shut him out completely because you obviously still love him. I know you don't want to answer his calls/texts because that's your only defense but honestly it's gonna do exactly opposite of what you truly want. It's gonna push him away. If you really do not want him to leave sometimes you have to put your guard down and, Lord forbid, swallow your pride for a while. Now I'm not saying that you have to take unnecessary crap from him, just ease up a bit. And if he is pushing away 1) let him, take this as a chance to re-find yourself or 2) fight for him, let him know that you didn't want this to end.

    I don't know the whole story so I might be wrong but just my thoughts on what I could gather from this small piece of your relationship.

    • I have tried that all ready iv poured out everything, and he still won't budge, I do know in my heart I love him, but I do know that I have to protect myself. I mean believe me I wanted nothing more than to be with him, and he hasn't called me at all I really need to just back away from this all together. I tried to talk to him 2 days ago called text and he wouldn't even talk to me untill finally he called yesterday with that speech about he didn't know where he was and all that. I can't beg him,

    • and I'm so tiered of crying my eyes out. I have to just let him go. Its sad to say it has already happend there is a wedge so deep between us and I just don't think it can be repaired. This is the worse its ever been and honestly I don't think he even loves me anymore. Thank you for your input and advice I really need it. I had no pride by talking and telling him everything and how I felt only to have him tell me "I think I love you no I do"...was painful and I was shaking can't do it anymore.

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