How to deal with losing someone important to you?

So I feel like I hit rock bottom. The ground below me is falling. My ex who is my best friend is disappearing from me. He moved on with a girl who does have a good heart but got in the middle of our relationship last year when we were dating. Now they talk again. He hangs out with her all the time, and just doesn't want to hang with me anymore. Like I am nothing.

I admit I wasn't the perfect girlfriend out there, but whose perfect? I also found a guy but me and him are just friends even though I wanted something more.

I don't know what I'm trying to say here. I guess I feel lonely and just having a feeling like I don't belong here anymore. I wish I could pick up and leave. My ex is changing because of her, and I don't like it. He's different.

I feel like I am losing my best friend. I feel like I should walk away and just forget about him. But then who do I go too when I have a problem or when I'm having a bad day? He's the only one who can make me laugh when I don't want too.


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  • I had a similar situation to yours myself... Last year my boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me and I felt exactly the same way you felt. I couldn't eat right, I went all depressed face and when the two of us went to a party I felt a lot worse.

    Anyway, what I did was develop a new hobby for Asian pop with another friend who wasn't connected to him. by Valentine's day I started to feel sexy again and flaunted it at the bowling alley I work at. Made him feel the same way I did.

    I've found guys like the one you described are stubborn and just won't want to contact an ex regardless of what else they mean to them. Let him be that different person he wants to be. If he comes back then take things as they go then. But for now, its time to develop yourself more; find a hobby, reconnect with old friends and they may just make you feel better without him :)


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  • You need to maintain contact with your best friend. It doesn't mean that when he has a girlfriend, he's not available to still be friends with you.


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  • *hugs* I'm sorry that's happening to you. I think you should distance yourself from your ex and the guy who romantically rejected you and spend time with other friends. You definitely need some me-time, girl-time, and pampering IMO.

    If you have any specific questions, just ask.


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