Girlfriends and getting upset? Advice!

So my boyfriend and I moved in together about six months ago and I love it. Since we moved to a new city together - outside of the province/city that we were both living in before - we don't have any of our old friends with us. We basically have each other and work friends. I've noticed that I tend to get upset with my boyfriend more often than I like - just over little things.

When I sit back and look at it, I'm pretty damned lucky - my man makes good money, is attractive to me in just about every way, treats me like a queen, takes care of me when I'm sick and even when I'm not. Above all, he loves me and gave me a promise ring just this past Valentine's Day - which I'm absolutely overjoyed about. My family loves him, his family loves me and we see each other as part of the others' future. Communication between us is amazing, we never stay upset with each other for longer than an hour or two and talk about how we feel about certain things.

Recently, he mentioned that he feels like I always get upset with him. This kind of took me back a bit and overall, made me feel sad. I don't mean to get upset with him all the time but sometimes he assumes that I'm upset and I can't convince him otherwise. We love each other but I want him to feel like I'm happy - which I am. I don't want him to second guess himself because he thinks something might upset me.

Has anyone had this problem with your girlfriend/boyfriend? How did you solve it? I want our relationship to be a happy one and I don't want to be the cause of unhappiness...

Valentines Day

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  • You mentioned in your description that you find yourself being more upset with him since moving in together. Do you think its because you see each other so much and not really seeing friends that were apart of your life just 6 months ago? Maybe try seeing other friend will help out.

    Also, as female at times we tend to talk too much. I have an issue with my guy where I can be a nag. Now, I tell myself to shut up. I remind myself I don't have to say everything I feel to him. My advice to you would be to pick and choose the upsetting things you say to him. Most important things say... other not so important bite your tongue. Get yourself a journal and fussy all you want in there or meet friends for a night out of fussing.

Valentines Day