My boyfriend just sits there and watch me be called a hoe by other boys! What should I do?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for quite a while now and there is this boy the all calls me a hoe or a postitute I don't know why but I really hurts my feeling because I am not a hoe I am still a Virgin and I only have one ex boyfriend and when I told my current boyfriend about him not doing anything is said to me " What you want me to do it is not like he will stop If I tell him to" I need for advise WHAT SHOULD I DO?


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  • Tell him how much it hurts your feelings, and that you'd appreciate if he backed you up. He doesn't have to start a fight or anything, but let him know you'd appreciate him standing up for you, even just telling this kid that talking to you like that is NOT OK.

    What this guy is saying to you is harassment, regardless of if you're a virgin, or have 50 exes and 100 sex partners. It's not acceptable. You AND your boyfriend need to let this guy know that he's harassing you and it's unacceptable.


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  • drop your boyfriend for not sticking up for you, and stop hanging around immature children, your going to be called names when your around children, because they don't know anything else, so show your maturity by dumping the spineless twat of a boyfriend, and move on to more mature friends,x

  • A man who can't stand up for his girl isn't a man. Simple.

    Tell him that you NEED him to stand up for you, because it makes you feel really bad and hurts your feelings.


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