Do you think my ex will ever get back with me?

I met my ex-boyfriend at my job, where we both worked. He broke up with me about six/seven months after we started dating. One of the reasons that he said it wasn't working is that I was planning on going out of state for school, but things ended not working out and I stayed here. He quit working at my job a few weeks after the break up, because he got a better job. So, a few months went by and we hadn't talked at all. Then, one weekend I decided to drunkenly text him. We talked a little, and he said that I should go to a school in the area. Then he was telling me about how he was planning on going rock climbing the next day. Then he said "go hiking Sunday; come have a funday" I'm not sure if he was inviting me or not, so I never responded. We didn't talk at all after that, then the next week he came in to shop at my job (where he used to work), but I was pretty busy and he didn't make an effort to talk to me or anything. So, I sent him two text the next week, one asking him how he was doing and the other asked if he wanted to hang out, and he didn't respond to either. Do you think I should give up on the idea of getting back together


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  • It would be up to you if you want to get back.

    Getting back together is a good things, since both of you have feelings for each other.

    About the hiking, he's definitely inviting you.


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  • i think you should call him to meet up with you, and just start talking. If you think that it will work out between you two this time, and you see that he also wants to, than not, don't gve up. but you should meet with him and talk to be sure.

  • Maybe.


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