Should I leave him because his family doesn't like the situation?

This is the best and healthiest, actually only healthy relationship I have ever had. Judging by the stories he told me about his ex's and previous f*** buddy this is the only healthy relationship he has ever had too. I care for him so much and appreciate him so much and he feels the same about me.

His family does not like the situation though. I was married before and have a child from that, he has never been married and has no kids. He is the one wanting me and my child to move in with him. He says he is OK with the instant family, I am the one so concerned about it.

He is very close with his family and they have a lot of influence over him. Except on this it seems. I worry that down the road it will affect our relationship.

I don't think his family dislikes me personally but the fact that I have been married before and have a child. I think that is their only apprehension about this.

The reason my marriage failed was because despite all my efforts to please my husband and not just in the bedroom, he started to turn into a jerk and cheated on me and hit me whenever I asked for a divorce. I have a health condition that causes infertility so my pregnancy was a huge shock and was not planned. After my divorce, I stayed single for a while to get my finances back together since my ex stole money from me too and almost ruined my credit score. That and I wanted to make sure my head was straight before entering into another relationship.

This is a great relationship and I fear that his families influence will have a negative impact someday and don't know what to do.

I have talked to him and he says he does not care what they think and he really wants to move forward our relationship.


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  • You shouldn't leave him because of his family.

    You're getting married to him, and not to his family.

    He might be truly the man who will make you happy for the rest of your life.

    You don't want to regret this.

    • I understand that but with him if I do move in with him then in a sense I am moving in with his family since they are so close. He has his own place but he is always over at his parents house or they are always over at his. And like I said I don't think they have a problem with me personally, just that I have been married before and have a kid that from that marriage. I ask my boyfriend and he does not have a problem with any of it.

    • People learn to love, not to hate.

    • I like that. Thanks helping to put me at ease about this whole thing.

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