Spring Break without my boyfriend...

I want to go on Spring Break to SC with one of my girlfriends...we both got the same week off of school and we really just want to soak in some rays, drink, and just have fun...

My boyfriend won't tell me not to go...but he doesn't want me to go..we've been together a few months..never cheated...never plan on cheating...i'd invite him..but we started dating...

Am I wrong to want to go? Am I missing something here as to why he's reacting so strongly? I'm happy with him. I don't want anyone else. I just want to hang out with my friend for cheap on a beach!


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  • You're not wrong about wanting to go.

    You also want to enjoy some peace and fun for yourself.

    Perhaps, he doesn't want anybody hitting on you when his sight is away.

    • Well, yea he keeps saying that...but what does it matter if someone hits on me? I'm not going to encourage them and it's not going to go anywhere...

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