Is he trying to make me jealous?

Soo this is the story. There's this guy I had a crush on for 6 months and he seemed like having a crush on me too, like staring, smiling and blushing, being around, touching me, even listening to me talking with my friends and trying to impress me and he definitely told his friends about me, cause they always stare and smile. He's older than me, so we don't have classes together, but once I asked him for a pen and he gave it to me, but didn't say a word just smiled and blushed and later when I gave it back to him he didn't say anything again so I just smiled. That was the only time we talked, accurately I did and I don't wanna talk to him first again.. It's been like 5 months now and we kinda started ignoring each other. He still stares from the corners of his eyes, but I'm tired of everything, so now I'm ignoring him most of the time and a few days ago he started having fun with other girls (with different girl everyday) in front of me although he wasn't doing that before, even before he started liking me. And I always thought he's shy with girls. So is he trying to make me jealous or get my attention or he just moved on? And how should I react? I'm just pretending that I don't care.


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  • if you really like him tell him straight away that you like him simple!. there is no need 4 you to pretend..


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