Should I talk to my ex again? Does he miss me?

I feel like I want to talk with him again. I don't know if he misses me or not, he blocked me on Facebook a while back Because I was nagging at him Because he wasn't responding to my texts and we were planning to meet up to sort our problems out and start the relationship up again. So he blocks me for a week and then text me "chilled out now?" I was so angry that he could do that to me I didn't respond for ages, but now I think I can forgive him but I don't know if he still wants to talk to me or would understand I couldn't talk to him Because I was angry at him for doing that to me. He changed his cover photo the other day to a picture I took of him on our last holiday together, I don't know if that means something? Maybe he is waiting for me to talk to him again and won't make the first move as he was the last to make contact? I just don't know :/ I don't want to be an idiot and talk to him and he's lost interest but he did tell me he missed me as his girlfriend a few weeks back after we made contact a few months after the break up.


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  • He probably is not that interested in you. Stop playing the games and move on.


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