What do I do with my ex? Is it OK to have casually sex, but with no strings attached?

My ex boyfriend and I started talking again, I'm not sure if I want a relationship right now, and he doesn't want one, but I like him a lot! He kind of told me that we could hang out together casually, like friends with benefits, he is kind and he asks for a kiss before he kiss me, he says that I'm good but he doesn't want a relation, is it OK if I say yes to his proposal? He would like to be commit latter? What do I do? Please help me I need to understand men's thoughts. I'm 18 he is 21, he says the problem is our age


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  • Don't be heartbroken if later on it doesn't become a relationship...he's already said he doesn't want a serious relationship, so he's basically asking for sex no strings attatched.

    HOWEVER, it depends on you two specifically as a couple...if you honestly believe it will turn into something more than that, go for it. You gotta consider why you broke up in the first place too.


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  • The problem is age difference, but your considering having sex with him anyway? wow, don't sell yourself so low. He will always be nice if you give him sex. Then you end up feeling used and lonely.


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