What do you do if an ex openly tells you they're unhappy in their new relationship?

My ex and I had a nice talk the other day, very friendly and civil. I still have feelings for her and suspect she does for me as well but she's also seeing this older guy. I asked her how she's doing, told her how I just want her to be happy, and what she said surprised me. She said she wasn't happy, that in fact she felt dead inside. She's been kind of sick lately, stress related health problems, and I want to help her. I know her very well, I can tell when she's happy or when somethings bothering her. She's unhappy, but won't tell me why. What does GAG think I should do?


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  • First of all, you have to remember why you guys broke up. Analyse why you guys broke up and just take a few min and think what are the chances of that happening again? Don't forget my man, time is ticking and even though you still like her, you need to remember about your self and your future happiness perhaps with a different girl that won't have a flow that you stumbled across your X that led you guys to brake up. Don't think with your D ick ,think with your head and try to foresee your not so distant future.


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