Why is my boyfriend acting like this?

we are on a break and I know both of us want to get back together when I'm better and we need space from each other. but he barely texts me and when he does its a one word answer or he won't respond. hjis friends think we have cut off all ties.. ( they hate me) but then hell call me saying " I love you your the only one I want" if I'm the one you want why won't you talk to me or be withme? I get to have a date with him about once a week and I can't stand his one word answers. again I know well get back together but I just don't get why he's being like this right now. help?!


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  • It must be that he doesn't want to complicate your relationship anymore, and stay in the safe ground. Though, your boyfriend still has his eyes exclusively on you.


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  • Stupid texting!

    Who cares what friends think?

    Get a life.

    He doesn't like you any more.

    Get it?

    • 1) Texting is the only form of communication most guys will use these days. Calling scares them.

      2. His friends are a reflection of who he is.

      3. You're mean.

      4. You don't know that, and even if it was true, you don't have to be so mean about it. Back off.

What Girls Said 1

  • Why did you go on a break in the first place?


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